The most important thing every professional and every business, large or small, should have - a reliable off-site online backup. Occasional local backups are no longer adequate in today’s fast flow of information.

Do you have a backup strategy? Usually it is more than just having some backups somewhere.

When is your hard drive going to crash? Seriously, most of us naturally think that it only happens to others. If your hard drive worked for a while, it instinctively feels that it is going to be working forever. Until it fails. Only after that we start beliving that it can happen to us too. Too many of our clients started to do regular online backup only after they've lost their  data.

Do you occasionally backup on an external hard drive? When was last time when you checked your backup's integrity? How often do you remember to do it? Is it automatic? How do you even know that it is doing the backups regularly and the media is not corrupt? Check this out, maybe an external hard drive is not the best backup idea anymore.

Can you access your backup from any computer or a smart phone, wherever you are? With SMARTbackup you can!

Does your backup have only one latest version of your files or multiple versions of your files as they were changed? Did you know that by the time you realize that some of your files are corrupt, it is likely that you've been backing up already corrupt file for a while. Can you roll back the changes as they were several versions ago? With SMARTbackup you can!