• Backup multiple computers

  • Changed files uploaded often
    Backup every few hours or even every hour. No need to leave your computer on overnight

  • Incremental backup
    The backup happens very fast because it uploads to the server only the changes since last backup. Also large files are not re-uploaded every time, only the changed portions.

  • Available for PC and Mac
    Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

  • Unlimited Storage
    Our storage can handle any volume you need, whether you are a home user or a corporation with hundreds of employees. Charges apply in increments for each 100Gb or less, but you will never run out of storage space.

  • Online Access
    You can log in to your control panel where you can see a list of recently uploaded files, conveniently grouped per each computer in the same structure as on your computers. From there you can also download any of your files when you are away from your computer. No software required. Just a browser on any computer or a mobile device.

  • Easy storage monitoring
    You can see your storage consumption immediately after login to your web portal, no need to look deeper in the menu structure.

  • Open Files and Locked files support
    Our software will backup even the files you left open or currently work on.

  • Versioning
    Online Backup stores not only the latest version of your documents but also several earlier versions, giving you the opportunity to roll back to an earlier version of your documents.

  • Secure data transfers
    All data transfers are secure over the secure SSL connection, the same one that is used for online banking.

  • Free Support
    All support related to online backup is free

  • Free Setup and Configuration
    If you prefer, our technicians can install and configure everything for you, as well as provide training at no cost.