Why Online?

  • No capital costs
    For the price equivalent of just one good external hard drive you can have an online backup for almost a year. But with hard drives you'd have to own and rotate several of them. There is no such expense with Online Backup.

  • No maintenance costs
    Even the best hard drives fail over time. With Online Backup you don’t need to worry about replacing or upgrading your external hard drives which have a tendency to break more often than internal drives.

  • No more taking drives off-site
    Online backup is by definition off-site so there is no worry about regularly taking your hard drives off-site.

  • Free software
    Backup software is free, including periodic updates, unlike backup software from many vendors which require you to pay for version upgrades.

  • Incremental backup
    The backup happens very fast because it uploads to the server only the changes since last backup. Also large files are not re-uploaded every time, only the changed portions.

  • Open and Locked files support
    Our software will backup even the files you left open or currently work on.

  • Non-intrusive backup
    The backup can be configured to be performed at night so it will not take any of your bandwidth or performance of your computer when you use it.

  • Versioning
    Online Backup stores not only the latest version of your documents but also up to 10 earlier versions, one per day, as far back as 60 days.

  • Secure data transfers
    All data transfers are secure over the secure SSL connection, the same one that is used for online banking.

  • Remote access
    It is possible to configure access to your files remotely from any computer, through a web interface, no software required, just a browser.

  • Free Support
    All support related to online backup is free

  • Free Setup and Configuration
    If you prefer, our technicians can install and configure everything for you, as well as provide training at no cost.