How It Works

  • Upon setting up your account we will help you to install and configure backup software at no charge. We usually do it remotely.

  • Initial full backup may take several days, depending on the volume of your data. When such full backup completes for the first time, you are fully protected. From that time the backup will keep track of the changes and upload only changed files. It can monitor the changes as often as every hour.

  • In the event of a system crash and total data loss, if you need to restore the entire back up, this process may take a long time as well, however, if you need access to any particular files, you can download one or a few of your specific files instantly, without waiting for the long restoration process to complete.

  • We will discuss with you which of your folders will be backed up. This back up is for your own data only, not a full system and programs backup. It means that if your system crashes, it would need to be reinstalled along with all the programs and settings. Then your own data can be restored from the backup.

  • We audit the success of some backup operations occasionally on a random basis. It is the client’s responsibility to monitor their back ups once in a while to know what is being backed up and to ensure that their backups are performed regularly and to notify us in case of any problem.

  • The online backup is performed over the Internet, so naturally it needs an Internet connection to operate. If you miss a day or a few days without the internet, the backup will automatically pick up from where it finished last time.